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Create your custom Oneplus 8 PRO case

Personalizzalo is the website that lets you create all the custom OnePlus 8 Pro cases you want, to protect your smartphone and turn it into a unique and original object, exactly as you like. Don’t worry if you’re not technologically minded, our configurator is really easy and intuitive to use... follow these simple steps and immediately create the case of your dreams:

    • Click on Create” in the menu at the top of the screen and select the option “Case”.
    • Look for your mobile phone, filtering by brand and model, and click on the icon. 
    • Upload a photo from your PC or smartphone or choose one of the images that you can find in our “Artists’ Gallery
    • Try all the functions of our Personalizzalo configurator and modify your image, even adding text.
Complete the purchase and wait 72 hours, you will receive your custom case!


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Cover morbida OnePlus 8


Classic soft cases, practical and effective. Custom OnePlus 8 Pro cases protect your smartphone from knocks and scratches, thanks to a 1-mm raised border on the front and the special anti-slip grip coating.


A cover to last forever. The custom OnePlus 8 Pro case is made from TPU silicone, which is flexible and resistant. Even the image that you choose to print will last over time, without losing quality or brightness.


Elastic, superslim and super light, OnePlus 8 Pro soft cases have an incredible shape memory and fit your device with precision. The images are bright and printed in very high definition... they will amaze everyone!

Custom OnePlus 8 PRO case: a fantastic gift idea.

Have you ever considered a case for a OnePlus 8 Pro as a sure-fire-hit gift idea? When anniversaries come around, choosing the right gift is always difficult. If you give a OnePlus 8 Pro case customised with a photo of a special moment, or even a personal message or greeting, you are sure to make an impact. It is an object that is always “at hand”, very useful and above all it will make the recipient smile every time they use their phone!

Not only custom OnePlus 8 PRO case

At Personalizzalo, we don’t just make custom OnePlus 8 Pro cases. Our configurator is easy and efficient, and our professional printer is really versatile... so why only make OnePlus 8 Pro cases? Click on “Create” and let your imagination run wild, you can make cases for more than 700 smartphone and iPhone models, cases for MacBooks, iPads and tablets, clothing in all sizes for men, women and children, shopping bags and fantastic MINI-MEs!


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