stampa t shirt personalizzate

Creating digitally-printed custom t-shirts is child’s play with Personalizzalo!

Print custom t-shirts with Personalizzalo. Thanks to the software you can see your t-shirt in real-time. Creating custom t-shirts online has never been so easy, all you need to do is choose your photograph or design and upload it with the configurator, positioning it within the printable area on the t-shirt.




The custom designs are printed on special t-shirts in 95% cotton and 5% elastane, a composition which makes the t-shirts elastic, soft and easy to wear for any occasion. The Stretch men’s model is machine-washable at 40°.


The Stretch t-shirt model is made to be used for any occasion, and thanks to its soft lines, it perfectly adapts to the shape of the body. Made with round neck and reinforced sleeves, Personalizzalo's t-shirts are truly long-lasting.


The custom t-shirts are printed with a digital method which embeds the colours of the photograph or design directly into the fabric. In this way, the image does not wear and does not fade over time or with repeated washing. Personalizzalo’s print quality creates custom t-shirts with truly unique and unrivalled colour rendering.
Are you looking for online custom t-shirts with express delivery? With Personalizzalo you can have your custom t-shirts in just 3 Days!

Create Custom T-shirts: a fantastic gift idea.

100% Quality Guaranteed

Print custom t-shirts online, an original gift idea for a special friend. With Personalizzalo you can create custom t-shirts in just a few minutes, and the result...? Amazing! A digital print with colours and resolution of the highest quality.
stampa t shirt personalizzate con foto

Custom t-shirts with photographs

Custom t-shirts with your favourite photograph! With Personalizzalo you can finally print your favourite photograph and make your style unique with a custom t-shirt. The print quality shows colours at their best, making your t-shirt truly unique.
stampa t shirt personalizzate con testo

Custom t-shirts with text

Print custom t-shirts online with custom words and text. With Personalizzalo, you can create your custom t-shirt with the text you want, and you can choose from lots of different fonts and colours. Have fun creating your custom text for your t-shirt.
stampa t shirt personalizzate con grafica

Custom t-shirts with designs

Custom t-shirts with digitally-printed designs or patterns, an easy alternative to the usual commercial t-shirts. Create your custom t-shirts with a personal design or by choosing from hundreds of options made available by Personalizzalo in the artists’ area.


Tolleranza circa 1,5 cm
T-shirt personalizzate guida alle taglie
T-shirt personalizzate guida alle taglie


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